Total Success – Summer Football Camp at MTIS with Jürgen Sparwasser

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Soccer legend Jürgen Sparwasser and the coaching team at Main Taunus International School are about to wrap up their first soccer camp of the summer on the fields of the Friedrichsdorf Sport Park and the atmosphere on the pitch is electric. 

With over 40 campers visiting the first session it is clear that Main Taunus International School has struck a nerve and can fill a need in the community with its educational concept that combines world class, international education with top-level talent development. 

Here are some interviews from ground zero: 

Jürgen Sparwasser: “The kids are excited to be here and are training with passion every day. The development of the footballers is very intensive as our trainers are able to work with each kid on an individual basis and train specific situations in small groups through sound fundamentals and techniques. The organization from MTIS and the FSV Friedrichsdorf has been wonderful and we are grateful for the opportunity to grow football in this region with their support. The future is bright for these summer camps and I could see them getting really big in the region in the coming years.”

Hans-Peter Dahlmann, CEO at MTIS: “100% positive outcome here. We started at Zero with this summer camp concept and the numbers are already growing for the second camp in August because of the positive message making its way home with the campers and parents everyday.”

Gerald Mai, Sports Director at MTIS: “Everything is running great. We are getting very positive feedback so far from everyone involved. We were actually quite surprised at the number of registrations for this being only the first camp at MTIS.”

Two local campers (both 10 years old) showed such promise on the pitch that they were actually awarded scholarships (funded by the schools’ partner firms) to enrol at MTIS in the fall.

We are proud of the success and thrilled to see that the campers are getting a great experience out of the camp. 

The same camp is being offered again this summer 22-26 August along with other camps. 

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