Theatrical Production "Pirates from Grammar Island"

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The G1 of the Montessori grade school of the Main Taunus International School is performing the musical production “Pirates from Grammar Island”. The cast is composed of children from many nations, classes 1-4. The children have been working on the production since the beginning of the school year and are excited to perform in the English language. A short summary of the production:

“Sure, they’re pirates, but you won’t believe what buried treasure they’re looking for. With a map in one hand and a dictionary in the other, they are looking for grammatical gold: complete sentences, parts of speech, correct punctuation, and capitalization.”

Location:         Aula of the Main Taunus International School, Hugenottenstrasse 119, 61381 Friedrichsdorf

Time:        8.7.2016, 18:30

This event is free of admission and no registration is necessary.