Fourth Graders Research Self-Driving Electric Cars at TESLA

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Fourth-grade researchers Om and Junmo head to TESLA in Frankfurt City with their teacher Ms. Tea Buntic to gain insight on the innovative automaker and complete their research project.

Om and Junmo have been researching the US automaker TESLA, famous for its long-distance, electronic sports cars, and SUVs with ground-breaking Autopilot function.

As a part of their research on the topic, the children needed to actually go and observe the cars in person, talk to TESLA engineers and have their specific questions answered. This request was gladly granted by Head of Elementary, Damir Dzafic “We love to see the kids following their passions with this research project and delving into the details in such an autonomous way.”

MTIS’s little researchers showed up at TESLA on Wednesday morning with a clipboard full of questions, pencil in the hand and cameras ready to capture footage of their topic or research. After some initial photos and minutes of gawking at showcase models in the entrance the boys meandered to the front desk where reception guided them to a lead engineer that would later answer all questions, demonstrate features of the cars on the showroom floor and offer a glimpse into the service area where TESLA autos were being serviced with no fluids, no oil, and no motors.

The experience was very productive as Om and Junmo got all their questions answered and were able to make it back to campus for lunch and recess with their classmates. It is great to see innovative kids being inspired by innovative brands and bringing this passion to school

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