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Main Taunus International School visits the Tennis University of Offenbach and establishes collaboration with the top-level tennis training facility in Offenbach.

At the Tennis University in Offenbach is the perfect partner for MTIS as can be seen in their philosophy statement:

“The principle of our tennis academy “BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE” means more than just the aim to bring out the personal best of every player. TU´s philosophy and approach stand for passion, devotion, and attention to detail. In our endeavor, we focus on much more than just the sporting success of our athletes because tennis is not only about being the fastest, strongest or most precise. To us, a key factor in making a player successful is to develop and shape their personality. Conveying and implementing values such as courage, bravery, endurance and strong will aligned with fairness, respect and tolerance plays a major role in our programs. For that reason, we chose the Name Tennis University to underline that we aim to be much more than just an average tennis academy. Having had decades of experience in the world-class sport, the TU team knows the ups and downs of a professional’s life. We have deliberately chosen to support our athletes on the hard road of professional tennis. Even in critical situations, when athletes lose sight of their personal goals, Alexander Waske and his team will be there to support and mentor them.”

On May 11, TU’s Managing Director, Richard Becker welcomed the MTIS leadership contingent of Director, Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza and Sports Director, Gerald Mai to the TU campus in Offenbach. MTIS presented its educational concept, answered questions from TU staff and then toured the facilities together. The visit gave MTIS the chance to get a feeling for the atmosphere and culture of the Tennis University.

“This is the highest level of tennis training observed. You could feel the passion for success.“ – MTIS Director, Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza

The educational concept of MTIS also left a good impression on the leadership of the TU; “I was deeply impressed by the fact that MTIS leading team expressed the interest in visiting our facilities and feel the atmosphere before the establishment of our collaboration.” – Alexander Waske

The cooperation has a strong foundation and the hope is that both the Tennis University and Main Taunus International School will benefit greatly from having each other as partners.

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