Quality Services

MTIS is truly a one-stop shop for modern families as it offers all the essential needs of an active and ambitious family unit that wants the very best for their children. With solutions for toddlers to teens MTIS has families covered from start to finish. Transportation gets you there and back, care is given before and after operating hours, active lifestyles are embraced through basic and additional sports offerings, high quality instruction and excellent extracurricular offerings keep the mind fresh, after school clubs keep the process of inquiry in motion, healthy food is offered throughout the day, curriculum is concurrent with German systems, accreditations allow pupils to study locally and or globally upon completion, and a lifetime of language immersion happens in the beautiful confines of the Taunus.


MTIS families have the unique opportunity of having their children picked up for school at their doorstep and brought back home at the end of the day, safe and free from all of the obstacles and dangers presented by using public transit. The time and stress saved by this service make it even easier for parents to pursue their career while providing a first-class educational opportunity for their children.

To register for private transportation to and from school MTIS families simply fill out a form with the details of their destination and desired parameters, prompting a response and agreement from the school’s shuttle service.

MTIS Shuttle

Technology is the future and MTIS has fully embraced this phenomenon; identifying and acquiring the needed tools and instruction for our pupils.

In the classroom instruction is given with large, interactive, touch-screen displays that allow the faculty to apply their craft with all the tools of the world at their fingertips. Audiovisual capabilities, software licenses, and internet applications bring the world to the classroom and make modern instruction a seamless reality for the faculty and pupils at MTIS.

In the curriculum web design, computer sciences, and programming are elective courses available at MTIS and the hand-selected faculty have the skills and experience needed to make the education of technology both enjoyable and meaningful to pupils.

Events and Training are held at MTIS due to the brevity and quality of its instructional tools and supporting IT infrastructure. The Rotary Club of Friedrichsdorf has held ceremonies on the MTIS campus and Cambridge Internationals Examinations has even made our school an official training center; hosting seminars and professional development forums throughout the year.

School administration also takes place in the 21st century at MTIS. Everything from daily attendance to test results and progress reports is documented online where parents, faculty, and pupils have immediate access to feedback and communications from the school. Parents and pupils access the portal online, via secured logins.

Inclusion strategy, learning difficulty support, and curriculum differentiation are all paramount to maximizing academic success for our pupils and the appropriate professionals are at hand to support pupils on an individual basis.

We recognize that our pupils have different backgrounds and abilities. We respect those differences and we understand that supporting all of our pupils in their academic endeavors is important for creating a respectful and inclusive school community. We strive to meet any challenges that our pupils may face in their educational efforts, and our aim is to create open-minded and active learners who respect, embrace and support one another’s different abilities and academic needs. As a school, we recognize that we have a responsibility to provide equal access to the curriculum and academic rigor for all pupils, regardless of individual abilities and needs. It is our goal to implement an instructional design that modifies the written, taught, and assessed curriculum in order to meet individual needs.

We place great emphasis on the responsibilities of all teachers to be aware of and provide for pupils with special educational needs. We also believe that all pupils should take responsibility for their own learning by having an active role in identifying, monitoring and meeting their own learning needs and abilities. We, therefore, see a pupil’s education as a partnership between the pupil, the parent(s)/ guardian(s), and the school.

Pupils who require Learning Support will be given further internal and/or external assessments to identify appropriate modifications. This will be done in coordination and cooperation with the pupil’sparent(s)/ guardian(s). Support for pupils with special educational needs and abilities may include curriculum modification, enrichment activities, classroom accommodations, small group instruction, or one-on-one support. When it is determined that a pupil would benefit from additional support outside of the classroom, we will work together with the pupil and parent(s)/ guardian(s) to make the necessary accommodations.

Through a partnership with a local caterer, MTIS provides nutritious meals and healthy snacks throughout the day to keep pupils fit for learning and life. Regardless of dietary restrictions, balanced and nutritious meals are available to the pupils of MTIS to bolster the immune system, stimulate growth and set patterns for lifelong fitness and healthy nutrition.

Highlights of Nutrition Program at MTIS
Salad Bar is prepared daily at lunch with fresh greens, fresh fruit, assorted chopped vegetables, dressing, and sliced bread.
Lunch Menus are selected by each pupil on a monthly basis via homeroom teacher and each mealtime provides a wholesome and hearty portion for all three types of diets: Vegetarian, Meat, and International.
Fresh Water and warm tea are served during meal times to provide appropriate levels of hydration to the pupils.
Dessert is also served at every mealtime and varies from assorted types of yogurt and pudding.
The Snack Bar – “Café Incontro” at MTIS provides additional support to hungry pupils in the morning break, afternoon break, and also throughout the day. Here, pupils can relax with a beverage or snack at their leisure without leaving campus or sacrificing in the quality of their nutrition.

Advisors are needed every step of the way to navigate electives, credit points, and graduation requirements at our school. Each pupil is provided access to trained professionals within the administration that can guide pupils and their families through the entire process and support them as needed.

University Counseling is provided not only to graduating pupils at MTIS but to all members of the secondary school. The process of identifying appropriate learning institutions, selecting programs of study, scheduling entrance exams, and applying to universities can often involve up to two years of preparation. The university counseling program at MTIS aims to inform, support, and prepare pupils to gain acceptance into their university of choice.

Careers Counseling runs parallel to the work of university counseling as the implications of study paths are so closely affiliated with career options. Pupils gain foresight on their own interests, desired levels of compensation, possible benefits, and work-life balance through regular counseling. The aim is to prepare our pupils for the long-term decisions they will face throughout the rest of their lives in regards to which careers they pursue.