Soccer Academy

The Soccer Academy is designed specifically to offer each individual child supplemental training at school so they can further develop their abilities and work on their weaknesses. The goal is to present the participants with new challenges and have fun playing the game. The Soccer Academy at MTIS supports the school’s mission to offer the highest possible level of international education, allowing its pupils to develop their individual talents and pursue their passions.

How it works:

SMALL GROUPS: Very small groups of pupils in same age level train intensively with world-class trainers
DURING SCHOOL DAY: Small groups, morning to midday Tuesday-Thursday, treated as a standard subject matter in schedule
INDIVIDUAL TECHNIQUE: Increase efficiency in all fundamental elements of game through position-specific drills and situational training
SPEED and COORDINATION: Improve agility, speed, and endurance with specialized movement drills and coordination work
PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: Learn the values of fairness, teamwork, respect for opponent, and discipline

Our Trainers:

Gerald Mai – Head of Sports at MTIS

  • Playing Career
    • Eintracht Frankfurt
    • Kickers Offenbach
    • Viktoria Aschaffenburg
    • FC Bayern Alzenau
  • Training Experience
    • Eintracht Frankfurt Fussballschule
    • JFC Frankfurt (U14-U17)
    • FC Bayern Alzenau (Co-Trainer Oberliga)

Jürgen Sparwasser – Project Coordinator at MTIS

  • Playing Career
    • FC Magdeburg
    • World Cup appearance 74’
    • DDR Championships 72’, 74’, 75’
    • DDR Inter-league Championships 69’, 73’, 78’, 79’
    • Olympic Bronze Medal 72’
  • Training Experience
    • Eintracht Frankfurt (Bunbesliga / Co-Trainer)
    • SV Darmstadt 98 (2. Bundesliga)
    • Eintracht Frankfurt Fussballschule