Rainy Spring Run 2017

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Spring Run 2017 was a huge success. Students, parents, faculty, and staff joined the annual charity run in the Spießwald – raising funds for the MTIS Library despite the rainy weather.

The MTIS Spring Run takes place in May every year in the Spießwald directly behind the MTIS campus. Runners (students, faculty, and staff) are sponsored per lap by local businesses and private families and this year the proceeds went to improvements in the MTIS Library.

The day started with fun and games on the playground at MTIS where a huge inflatable jump arena was brought in for the kids’ amusement before and after the race.

With the entire student body gathered in the Aula, Director Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza and Soccer legend Jürgen Sparwaßer addressed the children and thanked all sponsors of runners as well as families. Following the quick assembly the runners and headed directly to the forest to get ready for the run.

By the time all participants made it to the starting line the rain started to pick up. Before the starting orders were given a personal score was settled for all to see – who was faster in the 100m, 8th-grade homeroom teacher Mr. Laurentiu Cretu OR 6th-grade soccer academy student Okan Oguzhan Cancurt? With all 300 plus in crowd and participants watching, Mr. Cretu showed no mercy on poor Okan and handed him a valuable lesson – a multiple stride victory for the Romanian math teacher that later completed ran for charity alongside his wife and two children.

After the crowd of children had calmed back down from the teacher-student showdown and made their way to the actual starting line the event marshal, Christian Miess, gave the orders to begin. On “GO!” the 150+ group of runners took off through the rainy forest, collecting bands on their wrist for each lap completed. Runners appeared muddier, slower, and wetter with each passing lap but the gleaming smiles remained on the faces of all runners and those in attendance.

Irishman Daniel Elliot teaches English in the secondary school at MTIS and took part in the run, completing 11 laps before being stopped only by the rain.

“I had fabulous time running with the children. The rain did get me clothes a might bit wet but it was a really nice event for a good cause and it was great to see so many parents make it out to watch.”

After about 10 laps some of the stronger, remaining runners were pulled from the track as the rain became quite strong and planned barbecue and reception in the school Aula were canceled as runners went home to warm up and get dry as the rain continued throughout the afternoon.

A little under 7,000 Euros were raised as a result of the runners’ efforts and MTIS would like to thank all that helped, ran, sponsored, and supported for their generosity and looks forward to putting the money to work on updating the library. Next year let’s hope for an even better result and obviously less rain.

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