Our Educational Approach

Learning and teaching at Main Taunus International School is based on the deep belief in the significance of the holistic approach to education that is perceived by pioneers like John Dewey and Maria Montessori.

  • The approach of learning and teaching is done through direct engagement with the environment free work implementing the AMI Montessori pedagogical approach and discovery based Experience-Based Learning.
  • Meaningful projects that encourage curiosity and joy in discovery do not just complement our curriculum, but are a vital part of it.
  • Through our approach of cross-subject learning in small student teams, we embrace change, inspire creativity and foster innovation.
  • We actively promote global understanding and respect between all cultures. Our community models integrity and seeks opportunities to serve with compassion and conviction.

What is the benefit for our students from the Holistic Approach of Teaching and Learning?

Our educational approach is the way of creating contexts that make Learning an absolutely desirable and happy experience to the students, an experience that

  • allows for self-determined striving for excellence
  • provides guidance towards the discovery and enhancement of individual skills and talents
  • gives individual support to personal development,
  • enforces the sense of responsibility towards themselves and others and
  • opens the mind to the magnificence of the natural world.

There is no one best way to accomplish these goals, there are many paths of learning and the holistic approach of education values them all:

  • We foster collaboration rather than competition in classrooms
  • Our teachers help young students to feel connected.
  • In Experience-Based Learning we use real-life experiences, current events, the dramatic arts and other lively stimulating sources of knowledge in place of pure textbook information.
  • We want our students to become enthusiastic about learning by encouraging reflection and questioning rather than passive memorization of theoretical parameters.

The AMI Montessori approach in Elementary School and Children’s House

“Follow the child!”

This is what Maria Montessori said. Following the child is the true beginning of holistic education. Each growing child unfolds this cluster of possibilities through distinct phases of development, and at each stage the child needs the right kind of support, the right kind of environment, in order to move securely to the next. In this way we nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of each child individually. The child takes center stage – the child is the master builder of itself.