Music Academy

The Music Academy is specifically designed to improve the quality of play, develop musicianship and gain valuable performance experience with top professional musicians. The Music Academy at MTIS supports the school’s mission to offer the highest possible level of international education, allowing its pupils to develop their individual talents and pursue their passions.

How it works:

SMALL GROUPS: Ensembles of 3-8 pupils in same ability level rehearse intensively with world-class trainers
DURING SCHOOL DAY: Year groups, all day Tuesday-Thursday, treated as a standard subject matter in schedule
INDIVIDUAL TUITION: Pupils given one-to-one lessons by professional musicians in piano, singing, and solo instruments
MUSICALITY: Develop musicality by study, and sustained exposure to live music
PRACTICE and PLAY: Learn by regular rehearsal and frequent performance opportunities

Our Trainer: Nik Myers

• Graduated in music from Cambridge University (2010)
• Performances in London, Cambridge, and Newcastle, among others
• Currently working with gospel and church choirs in Langen and Frankfurt
• Trained as a pianist, woodwind player and conductor