Verification Visit Successful – MTIS to Become IB World School

Duncan PowellNews, Newshome

There is excitement in the air at MTIS as another huge step towards becoming a premier international school of the Frankfurt area has been all but completed. The final verification visit from the IBO has come and gone, leaving the officials impressed and the MTIS community proud of the results of their hard work and determination.

“In about four weeks, we are expecting to get a letter from IBO stating that our MTIS is an IB World school. Thanks a lot to Mr. Tobias and his team for the amazing job! Thanks a lot to each one of our staff for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment! This achievement would have never been possible without the very generous support given by the Dahlmann family.” – Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza, Director

The IBO verification contingent consisted of Mr. Christian Bock and Dr. Gerda Frank-Gemmill. After arriving on Sunday evening at their accommodations in downtown Friedrichsdorf their work began early on Monday morning. The verification process took the entirety of two days and consisted of a thorough investigation of all aspects and departments of the school. Starting with a reception and meeting with Hans-Peter Dahlmann (owner) and Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza (Director), the team went on to interview and examine the foundational planning for the IB at every level of the school, including: teachers of all subject matters, program coordinators, facilities, parents, students, administrative staff, and library.

After all of the interviews and documentation were through the IBO contingent met with the MTIS leadership team once more for an exit meeting where they shared the good news that all criterions for accreditation had been met and that MTIS would receive official notice within the next four weeks.

“The verification visit gave us a chance to show how thoroughly prepared and enthusiastic we are to become an IB World School.” – Head of Secondary, Archie Buddy Tobias

The implications of the visit and eventual accreditation are clear: MTIS has proven its quality to families searching for an excellent education, and the School will be able to offer the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Program to its pupils, sending them to universities across the globe.