MTIS Continues to Impress | Open House Event Grows School

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Main Taunus International School continues to grow – Large turnout for Open House Event resulting in several new families deciding to join the school.

With the MTIS band playing music in the background, the MTIS staff and faculty welcomed a large turnout of interested families and partners this past Saturday at the Open House Event in Friedrichsdorf. Families were given tours of the campus and, consulted by staff and children, enjoyed the games, food, and prizes made available the entire day. “The atmosphere was very positive and all of the families I talked to were very impressed at how comprehensive our offering is. The open format allowed families to flow freely and enjoy the day, getting the information they needed.” – Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza – Director

To get a full picture of the event, we’ve provided a handful of statements from the leadership team and staff that were on the scene, talking with families hosting the event:

Damir Dzafic – Head of Elementary:

It was an extremely positive day for the Elementary School. We were able to meet with over 20 families and they were all very excited about our concept, stayed for a long time and enjoyed themselves. Some of the families stayed for hours, to ask questions and become acquainted with Montessori.

Heike Tobias – Admissions Officer:

We had a very comfortable atmosphere that seemed more like a party than anything else. People were having fun, talking, eating, and having a great time. The elementary and secondary school had a lot of visitors and one family even signed contracts to begin the following week. I was really excited to see it go so well and have our school community grow.

David Lobzhanidze – Head of Chess Academy:

Open House was an excellent opportunity to share our chess academy with interested parents and students. Everyone enjoyed watching the teachers play versus the students in our tournament that ended in favor of the students (Final Score: 8,5-6,5). We were very honored to have Mr. Thorsten Ostermeier (President of the Hessian Chess Association) stop in for a visit and game of chess with our math teacher Mr. Cretu.

Gerald Mai – Sports Director:

Many families turned up and we were excited to see the amount of interest in the Soccer Academy, as well as the school. The hard work we are putting in and the quality of our soccer program and its coaches was very clear to the families we talked to.

Archie Buddy Tobias – Head of Secondary:

It was an absolute pleasure meeting with so many enthusiastic families from across the globe and I am really looking forward to seeing our school become more and more international through adding these new families.