MTIS Celebrates its First Academic Awards Assembly

Duncan PowellNews, Newshome

Secondary School at MTIS holds its first academic awards assembly – honoring outstanding academic performances in all subject matters for the first semester of 16/17 school year.

Head of Secondary, Archie Buddy Tobias established a ceremony that will serve the MTIS Community for years to come by organizing and holding the very first academic awards ceremony at the school.

We want to acknowledge those pupils who are putting forth their maximum efforts as well as hopefully motivate other pupils to start putting forth their best efforts so that they, too, can someday earn an award. For the older pupils who will soon be applying for internships or to universities, these awards are accomplishments that can add a lot to an application or CV/resume.” – Head of Secondary, Archie Buddy Tobias

With the entire student body and faculty of the secondary school in attendance, the assembly kicked off on time at 8:30 with a
warm welcome and two live musical performances by the school band, lead by Nik Meyers.

After two sets of live pop rock from MTIS’ very own students, the first batch of awards went out to deserving students in each respective subject matter at the school. Teachers were left to decide how many if any, awards they wanted to give and were allowed to present the students with their award on stage, for everyone to see.

The highest award given were to those on the Director’s Honour Roll (best five overall GPAs in entire secondary school). Those students making the very first Director’s Honor Roll were as follows: Ana Flores, Megan Song, Diana Catargiu, Kian Kowalski, and Stefania Cretu.

Director Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza thanked all the students, parents, faculty and staff for their hard work to make the school and its first academic awards assembly a success.

Come see MTIS for yourself at our Open House Event on FEB 11: