Main/Taunus International School has a some new openings in its U3 Toddlers' Group

Gerhard ScheitzaNews, Newshome

We are delighted about the great acceptance and positive development of our new U3 toddlers’ group. Although it has been open only been a few months, it is already very well established. Due to the great demand for this new addition to our Montessori Program, we originally even had to implement a waitlist. We have since been able to add new staff to our team and because some of our youngsters have by now moved up into our Kindergarten we now have a small contingent of available places in this group. However, we anticipate that these openings will be filled quickly and that it won’t take long before we will welcome new kids in our U3 group.

In our U3 toddlers’ group, our team of qualified and caring educators create and maintain an environment, in which each child can move around and occupy themselves in a self-determined manner. All children in our group receives individual attention by attending to their immediate needs. We do this in close cooperation with the parents. A key aspect of the bilingual Montessori Concept we live on a daily basis is that our children are given the opportunity to develop their own skills by gaining first experiences through may child-friendly and age appropriate activities, such as taking excursions into the nearby woods, shopping trips to the local market, or preparing food. For all children in our toddlers’ group, it is natural that our team speaks with them in German as well as English. This way, each child will quickly become proficient in both languages, and be best prepared for our Kinderhaus.

For more information, or to enroll your child into our U3 toddlers’ group, please call us at 06172-76465-11 to schedule an appointment for a visit. Alternatively, you can of course simply stop by our Open Day on 20. February to talk to us directly.