The Location

Our school is locted in the heart of the city of Friedrichsdorf, Greater Frankfurt area. The Friedrichsdorf community has a long tradition of internationally renowned education. In 1836 Louis Frédéric Garnier, a descendant of French Hugenot immigrants, established a college preparatory school here, which attracted students from all over the world.

The Institute Garnier, as the school was later called, existed until 1925. Among the institutes boarding students was the orphaned Philipp Reis, who later invented the telephone, while still living in Friedrichsdorf.

Main Taunus International School currently occupies one of the buildings of the former Institute Garnier.

Our school campus is framed by two main buildings – the former historian Institute Garnier – which is now home to our Elementary School and the Children’s House …

… and the new Secondary school with auditorium, art room and science lab:

Our class rooms in the Children’s House and in the Elementary school are connected via a computer network. The well-equipped rooms are accessible from two sides so that children can move around freely. This way they are provided with an open and yet networked learning environment.

Our bright, sun-dappled auditorium including cafeteria is the center of our Secondary building.

The Secondary building provides a state of the art science lab and an art room that is frequently used for all kind of Experience-Based Learning projects. The students work in the multi-lingual library for relax reading, group sessions or internet researches. Their classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and provide a comfortable learning atmosphere.