Parent Academy – 15th June

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Lecture: „InSight: The Juvenile Brain in a State of Emergency“

The lecture “InSight: The juvenile Brain in a State of Emergency” takes a look at the physiological development of the brain during puberty and the impact on mental well-being. During puberty childhood “dies” and with it a good number of neural cells in the child’s brain. Changes visible on the outside of the no longer small kids may be exciting: acne, growing hair, moodiness, changes in the sleep pattern. However, much more spectacular is what is going on inside the brain of teenagers. Especially just before and during puberty the human brain undergoes some major restructuring. They rebel, provoke, seek thrills, they are looking for emotional kicks and start to retreat. The numerous strategies teenagers apply to try to master the drastic changes in body and soul often surprise us grownups! All of a sudden, the parents do no longer recognize their kids and even some professional educators at school are left out in the rain. No wonder, the brain is one huge construction site – and for longer than we always thought. Now that neuroscientists can take a look into the brain we know better and you will do to after hearing this extraordinary lecture about puberty…
This lecture will provide you with a great insight into the juvenile brain and the impact on adulthood. You will be able to understand “your” kids better (as a parent or a teacher) and you may just be able to face puberty with a somewhat more creative and relaxed attitude.

The lecture on Wednesday, 15 July, 7.30 pm, will be presented by Prof. Dr. Dieter F. Braus, director of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Helios Dr. Horst Schmidt Klinik in Wiesbaden. Please note that this lecture will be held in German only!
Students can come and listen for free, admission for MTIS parents is €2, non-MTIS guests pay €4.