Imke Schiersch Endorses MTIS

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++20 October, Friedrichsdorf++

Interview with Imke Schiersch | Professional athlete, journalist, consultant, and mother endorses Main Taunus International School

MTIS: How did it you come that have settled down in Friedrichsdorf with your family after such an illustrious, international career?

IMKE: I want my son to be happy in his school and be free to develop and follow his talents. Therefore, with the input of my son, I decided that Friedrichsdorf and its international school (MTIS) and proximity to nature was the right place to begin school.

MTIS: You have enrolled your son in our international Montessori program. As a parent, which benefits do you see to having your son learn bilingually, with an international approach? 

dsc_0162IMKE: My son, 6 years old, has grown up with four languages that he speaks and understands well. To enrol him in a purely German-speaking school would be a disadvantageous, however, at MTIS we have offerings of multiple languages and an international environment. Another key factor in my decision was the established, high-quality Montessori AMI program. Other positives for us were the small class sizes which also allow for a high quality of instruction. I was also impressed by the school’s world-view and readiness to deliver new developments. Science should be dynamic because the written findings always reflect the knowledge of the past.

MTIS: Understood, but how much emphasis do you put on your son maintaining proper written and spoken levels of proficiency in the German language?

IMKE: My son started school in August at MTIS. In the past it has always been my role to maintain and develop his proficiency in the German language. His level in the four languages is so high that we are going to have to tailor some things in the future to meet his individual development. Accommodations like this can only be made by a school like MTIS in its current structure and organization. Along with other specialized offerings, intensive language support is added to ensure a high levels of proficiency in German.

MTIS: The approach of our school is unique in that it offers time and space for students to pursue their passions in sports, arts, sciences, etc. with top trainers that we have in-housed. As a world-class athlete what value do you see in this educational concept to parents of youngsters with time constraints and obligations from clubs, travel, trainers, tournaments, etc.?

_stt6342IMKE: That was always my dream. Sports and education often times cannot be done simultaneously as the understanding, logistics, and environment disallow it. Generally it’s not just the success in sports at the forefront, rather the personal development that is driven by the physical development. Many studies and types of therapy have shown that learning objectives and confidence can be supported by focused physical activity. Also through team sports and shared success, camaraderie and togetherness can be achieved, which represents integration and the basis of the education pyramid.

Here it all depends on the quality of the coaching and the connection/synergy with the respective clubs the kids come from. Experienced trainers and performers are worth their weight in gold. And also when special talents are identified, they should be handled with care and supported with passionate, professional development.

“The skies should be clear and open for kids so they can take off!”

MTIS: Thank you so much for your time and support Imke. Having parents like you in our school make us stronger as a community and we are grateful that you see the value we can add to your life as a partner in your child’s education. We are truly your biggest fans!

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