IB World School in Friedrichsdorf Opens Doors to Public

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Main Taunus School invites public to Open Day Event on June 10th, proudly presents the most affordable IB Diploma Program in Frankfurt, thriving Chess and Music academies, along with being named a partner school of the Eintracht Frankfurt’s Performance Center.

The quality of programs and offerings of the Main Taunus International School is making waves across the Frankfurt area and international school community. Simply said, MTIS offers a world-class, K-12 education with top-notch talent development programs in soccer, chess, and music.

Join us for our Open Day Event on June 10th from 11-16:00 to ask questions and find answers about our school while enjoying great food from around the world, music, and activities for the whole family.

Here is an overview of our comprehensive educational concept:

Academic Offerings:

  • (15 months-grade 4) Kindergarten and Elementary to Montessori AMI Standard
  • (Grade 5-grade 10) Secondary School that combines German Curriculum (Hessen) with Cambridge Program (IGCSE, mittlere Reife)
  • (Grades 11 & 12) University Preparation through International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP, Internationales Abitur) 

Academies of Excellence:

  • Soccer Academy with soccer legends: Gerry Mai, Jürgen Sparwasser, Tommy Becker, and Norbert Nachtweih
  • Chess Academy with German National Team trainer David Lobzhanidze
  • Music Academy with esteemed musician Nik Myers

Extra-curricular Activities:

MTIS offers multiple after school programs and offerings ranging from dance and self-defense to mountain biking and the arts.


We do hope to see you there and can guarantee a fun day for all on our lovely campus in Friedrichsdorf.

Stay up to date with our school on Facebook: facebook.com/maintaunusinternationalschool