MTIS Soccer Academy Begins Goalkeeper Training

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After getting back from the Easter Break, the Soccer Academy of MTIS has been back to training at the Sportpark in Friedrichsdorf and is excited to have expanded its training program by adding specialized units of training for Goalkeepers.

In the past, the Goalies had been integrated into the regular practice schedule to improve their general skills in the game of soccer. However, with the newly added training units for goalkeepers, our licensed goalie trainers will be working specifically with the young goalkeepers, laying the technical foundations for their success. In the first few specialized units of the goalkeeper training program, the focus was on catching and securing shots on goal. These are the fundamentals of our goalkeeper development and are the foundation upon which further skills and techniques can be added to.

“The specialized goalie training in our soccer academy is a fantastic opportunity to get the kids the optimal training and development they need.“ – Gerald Mai, Sports Director and Trainer of the MTIS Soccer Academy.

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