First Adventure Camp at MTIS Full Success

Duncan PowellNews, Newshome

Main Taunus International School successfully establishes Adventure Camp for years to come; enriching the city and region with an English immersion camp for all that offers challenging experiences in the arts, sciences and sports.

“The goal with this camp is to offer a balanced, bilingual experience that cultivates the body, mind, and spirit of the campers.” – Hans-Peter Dahlmann, CEO

A total of 12 children from over six nations registered for the first inaugural camp at Main Taunus International School and there have been a number of families already expressing interest in the camp for next year.

The format is perhaps best described by its founder, Tyler Reese M. Ed., a 32 year old faculty member at MTIS from Oklahoma.

“To start every day we rode our bikes to the Sportpark in Friedrichsdorf for an extensive training session. Then we rode back to the campus for a healthy snack before beginning our daily science project. After lunch and some more outdoor activity we did an art project before wrapping up for the day. It was five long days for the kids but they were very proud of themselves when they realized that they could create, grow, design, build and succeed at anything. All the kids tried their very best to communicate in English but with some of the younger ones we just had to mentor them in German.” – Tyler Reese, Econimcs & History teacher at MTIS

Topics covered in the first Adventure Camp: (Sports) Strength, Speed, Lateral Quickness/Agility, Plyometrics, Hand-eye coordination (Arts) Oil painting, bio landscape modeling, yoga, culinary arts (Sciences) chemical reactions, liquid properties, engineering, flammability, natural sciences.

The plan for the following summer is to offer the Adventure Camp to two age groups 5-10 & 10-15, as well as building in some computer programming and robotics sessions.

School Director, Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza sees an embodiment of the school’s mission and great potential for the camp into the future, “I was excited to see the camp have such great success and it speaks volumes to the quality of our faculty and the mission of the school. The Adventure Camp adds a dynamic summer option for our community that is international, intellectual, multi-disciplinary, and exemplary of a healthy lifestyle.”

So with art room and laboratory cleaned up from Adventure Camp it is time again for the soccer professional to take the pitch at the last MTIS camp of the year.

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