Contingent of Six Chinese Heads of School Visit MTIS

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Network of Chinese schools reaches out to MTIS on its innovative concept, sends 6 heads of school to Friedrichsdorf to take closer look at school and its academies.

++27 April 2017++

In the past weeks Main Taunus International School has been in talks with a network of Chinese school leaders that seek to gain know-how on incorporating education and culture. This contingent was gladly welcomed to Friedrichsdorf by Hans-Peter Dahlmann, Owner of MTIS and Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza, Director for a presentation of the school, tour of facilities, and exchange of ideas and trend pertaining to international education.

Mr Yang Liuqing (Head of School of Chengdu Hi-tech Shunjiang School), Ms Li Ping (Deputy Head of School of Chengdu Shishi Tianfu High School), Mr Han Tiesheng (Head of School of Chengdu Yulin High School (Shiyang Campus)), Mr Cheng Qian (Teacher of Chengdu Hi-tech Zhonghe Primary School), Ms Xie Shijun (Deputy Head of School of Chengdu Zhonghe High School), and Mr Zeng Zhengkai (Deputy Head of School of Chengdu Hi-tech Xinhua School) made their way to the old campus building of MTIS on Thursday at 2 PM where they were greeted by school leadership and exchanged gifts.

Hans-Peter Dahlman, School Owner then gave an extensive presentation of his ‘Comprehensive Education Concept’ that incorporates high-level academics with high-level sports. The guests were quite intrigued, asked their questions and received answers, along with sharing ideas of their own.

Shortly after the presentation the contingent was escorted around the campus for a tour of the facilities and to see the school in action.

“It was a great opportunity for both sides to explore ways of cooperation in Education and culture.” – Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza, Director.

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