After School Clubs and Initiatives

Alongside the academies, there are additional extracurricular activities offered in the form of various after school clubs and initiatives to allow pupils to explore their interests and also support working families. All of these specific offerings are open to the public and not exclusive to pupils at MTIS and their families.

Head off into the great outdoors on two wheels! Participants can learn from a true professional how to service a bike properly and master the needed techniques to conquer any trail. Participants are introduced to a great sport in our perfect natural setting – the beautiful Taunus.
Train with the professional soccer coaches after school. Advanced Football Training at MTIS is designed specifically to offer supplemental training for boys and girls that would like to develop their abilities and work on their weaknesses in the game of soccer. The goal is to present the participants with new challenges and have fun playing the game.
• Kids Dance: Here children will discover their sense of rhythm, balance, and coordination, as well as learn their first dance moves. This course is designed for children between six and eight years of age to discover their talent, expand existing skills, or just try something new. You can expect a valuable and entertaining dance training, in which basic dancing techniques, coordination, and creative choreography are taught to the music of popular artists.
• Video Clip Dancing: Whether a beginner or experienced dancer, this course has something for everyone as it aims to increase skills, discover new talent, and provide a new experience. A large collection of choreographies from pop star favorites (Rhianna, Beyonce or Justin Bieber) are used to train dancing styles ranging from Hip-Hop and Cheerleading to Funky Jazz and Modern.
• Thai boxing (Muay Thai) is one of the oldest traditional martial arts of Thailand and is now considered the most effective martial arts in the world. In addition to classic Boxing hits (MHAD) and kicking (Teep) are also elbow techniques (Sok), knee kicks (Khao) and handholds allowed in Thai boxing.
In Thai boxing, the whole body is used and trained (strength and endurance), making it the ideal sport for people who want to stay in shape while practicing self-defense.
• Hapkido The fundamental techniques of Hapkido impart self-confidence and increase strength for self-defense, based on flexibility and strength which is consistent with the spirit. Hapkido leads to physical and mental strength and supports the balanced development of both. The spirit is an expression of the body movement based on self-control and patience, which is obtained through the creative Hapkido. The musculoskeletal system is strengthened and increased mobility is obtained. Self-confidence, performance, and resilience will be strengthened.
• Boxing is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age. Boxing is a full body workout that improves motor skills, strength, and endurance. As pupils experience success, they take that energy and confidence into everyday life with them after training. Especially children integrate the positive feelings and experiences into their lives.
We have made it our duty to support working families with extended care for their children before and after school. This makes it easier for families to balance family and career by giving added flexibility for drop-off and pick-up times, as well as peace of mind that their children have a safe place to be where they will be taken care of before and after the school day starts.

Services are provided MO-FR: 7:00-8:00, 15:00-18:00 and can be ordered as needed.

The German Language … is difficult! In this course, you will learn the key phrases and expressions needed for everyday life. Through simulation of personal experiences and everyday situations, a dynamic class will be created, making learning the language easier.