Christmas Magic – Annual Christmas Bazaar at MTIS

Duncan PowellGenerell, News, Newshome

++9 December 2016 – Friedrichsdorf, Germany++

After the last school bell rang on Friday at MTIS the pupils, faculty and staff scurried to set up the annual Christmas Bazaar in front of the old campus on the wintery Hugenottenstraße. Over 200 people showed up to the Bazaar to buy Christmas decorations, trinkets, and traditional Holiday baked goods and yummy food for a charitable cause.


The crowd consisted mainly of proud parents to see their little ones signing, playing instruments, or help alongside them in stands to bake waffles and brew coffee. This crowd of friendly families and local passersby witnessed what would become a quite memorable evening of Christmas Cheer and Holiday Spirit.


Musical entertainment was provided under the leadership of the MTIS Music Director Nik Myers. Manning the piano, guitar, and directing multiple choirs of elementary students put this talented educators skills on display and the real show was the performance of his MTIS pupils. Renditions of classical Christmas scores in English and German were heard above the rooftops in Friedrichsdorf as the parents wrestled for a spot to shoot photos of their little ones as they rang out carols to spread Christmas cheer.


Nik Myers – MTIS Music Director “Couldn’t be more proud of our kids and the show they put on. It was absolutely lovely to see their hard work pay off and for the kids to be able to share the moment with their family in this setting – was really special memory for lots of folks and I was honored to be a part of it.”


Ana Lucia Flores is a 5th grader at MTIS and hails from Monterrey, Mexico. Ana bravely contributed to the atmosphere with her cello as she confidently performed her solo rendition of “Wachet Auf”. Her performance received a thunderous applause from the crowd and apparently some of the pressure she was feeling.

“Well, my fingers were freezing cold which made it hard for me to feel where my fingers were at and I think I missed some notes too.. I was just nervous the whole time even though I’ve played since first grade.”


The atmosphere was warm, cheerful and clearly captured the Christmas Magic that everyone had come hoping to experience. The pupils enjoyed themselves, the parents were supportive as always, and a sense of family came to the forefront as crowded families from across the world shared friendly conversations over while enjoying hot waffles and warm holiday punch and coffee.


MTIS would like to thank all of the students, faculty and staff for their support to keep this tradition thriving; however, it was the ever-powerful and unseen arm of the parents at MTIS that made this event such a success as they worked right alongside their children to make the lasting memory together.