Chess Academy

The Chess Academy is specifically designed to improve the quality of play, develop strategic knowledge and gain valuable match experience with tactical analysis from top professionals in the sport. The Chess Academy at MTIS supports the school’s mission to offer the highest possible level of international education, allowing its pupils to develop their individual talents and pursue their passions.

How it works:

SMALL GROUPS: Groups of 1-5 pupils in same age level train intensively with world-class trainers
DURING SCHOOL DAY: Groups of 1-5, morning to midday Tuesday-Thursday, treated as a standard subject matter in schedule
STRATEGICAL EDUCATION: Increase knowledge of the theory, positional understanding of the game
CALCULATIONS: Study chess via tactical motifs and combinations
TRAIN and PLAY: Learn by playing the game against peers with live support in strategic approach

Our Trainer: David Lobzhanidze

• International Master since 1997
• Chess Trainer since 1986
• B-Trainer of the DSB (German Chess Federation) since 2005 DSB
• Trainer of the year 2006 and 2014
• Women’s German National Team Trainer 2007-2009, 2015-2016
• Youth Trainer at European and World Championships FIDE (World Chess Association) Trainer since 2015