About us

Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza – Director

Welcome to the Main Taunus International School (MTIS) website. We are convinced that you will be impressed by our extraordinary concept. We have designed our program to give the highest possible level of international education, while allowing our pupils to develop their individual talents in sports, music, visual arts, performing arts and chess. We are engaged in fully serving the individual needs of our children, as our program combines creativity, freedom of academic and social development, and exit qualifications of the highest caliber.

A toddler can join MTIS from the age of 15 months and remain at our school until graduation at the end of Grade 12. Our younger students follow the Montessori education system (AMI standard) till Grade 4, continue with the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Hessen curriculum up to Grade 10, and then complete their education with the attainment of our High School Diploma and the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma.

This structure of our curriculum guarantees the highest level of quality and is taught by experienced and passionate educators who have all been accredited by the State of Hesse (Staatliches Schulamt Hessen). Through the extensive guidance and support provided by our Careers and Universities Counselor, every child is given individual attention that will lead to the discovery and development of each pupil’s individual interests and talents, personal guidance in their selections of courses, close monitoring of their social and academic development, and, finally, detailed and personal guidance regarding their paths after graduation. The MTIS sports department is comprised of German Bundesliga trainers who have the experience and the connections to promote our student-athletes to the highest levels of competition.

Mr. Miroslaw Kurek – CEO

We strongly believe that the modern passport for success includes highly developed language qualifications. English and German are offered at varied and extensive levels, dependent upon pupils’ previous background and knowledge, and allow students to develop their necessary language skills quickly and confidently. French and Spanish are also offered as part of the curriculum, and any native language can be included in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Our timetabling offers blocks whereby students who need additional practice or training for their special interests or talents can cover those needs without sacrificing their academics or their need to have after-school free time for the enjoyment of other activities suitable for their age.

Our mission is to serve our community by devoting all of our experience and passion to the benefit of our pupils. Our dedicated team will always work hard to earn the trust of our families. We strongly believe that every child deserves the individual attention and guidance of excellent educators who are willing to explore different venues in order to add value to their pupils’ learning.

Through our unique combination of a strong academic curriculum, flexible timetabling, experience-based projects, extracurricular activities, and a minimization of homework, our students have the possibility to enjoy their years with us while at the same time becoming fully equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We hope that you will choose to become a part of this truly unique school – our MTIS!

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Vivian Papafakli-Strouza