My Day in Secondary School

“Coming to Main Taunus International School we arrive between 8.00 and 8:30 AM. From 8:30-8:45 we have our homeroom where the students hear what is going on in the coming days, what is going on in the school, and any other news the students may need to know. Then our first class starts.

Some days we take a bus to go to physical education or special training. At midday we students meet again in the cafeteria for lunch. The students can bring their own lunch pack or choose from a healthy buffet provided by an Italian caterer. We sit at long tables or in small groups. A teacher supervises the lunch, but we are responsible for the final tidying up.

After lunch, we have our next two periods, followed by another fifteen-minute break. After this break, we have our last two classes. The school day ends at 3:55 PM, with most of the students using public transport back home, while any from outside the area might also take advantage of the buses offered by the school. However, some children choose to stay for some of our afternoon activities, including chess, mountain biking, music, soccer, dancing, etc. where they have opportunities to develop further.”

My Day in Elementary School

In the Montessori Elementary school, there is no day that can be described by a “typical” daily routine, because each child follows his or her own individual path through the school day. To get a meaningful impression of the school day in an Elementary class, please watch the following video: