Greetings from the Director

Welcome and thank you for visiting our web page; the gateway to our school community.

At Main/Taunus International School, we provide our students with a special place for learning and discovery where we value every individual child and support them in the development of all of their skills while instilling in them a lifelong love of learning. Our coeducational all-day international school offers programs for students from ages 15 months to 18 years in our toddlers’ group, kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary school programs.

However, Main/Taunus International School is not like most other international schools, because we not only assist our students in pursuing internationally accepted university entrance qualifications, but also offer individualized solutions to students who wish to combine their academic endeavours with the desire to play sports at the highest levels.

We recognize that sports play an important role in the lives of many students at all ages, but that oftentimes traditional schools fail to offer these student-athletes the supportive environment they need to succeed in academics as well as in sports. We believe that a school can do both and have developed specific programs to this effect.

Sports are not the only area where we will gladly support the academic needs of talented and gifted students. Support for students with exceptional talents in the arts is also possible within our school’s curriculum and holistic approach to student learning. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about this, if you are looking for a school that is willing to support your talented child’s academic endeavours.

Our successful and highly recognized kindergarten and elementary school programs offer an authentic Montessori education, according to the principles of the AMI, and have over 10-years of experience in bilingual education in English and German. Since September 2015, we also provide this warm and caring Montessori environment to our new toddlers’ group.

The skills acquired in elementary school are the foundation for success in our secondary school, where our students learn through the combination of traditional classroom instruction with inquiry-driven, project based learning in a real life context while also receiving a rigorous preparation for world-wide accepted international university entrance qualifications; we will offer our students a fully accredited US-American High School Diploma as well as the internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme (pending authorization). These programs will allow us to guide your child to academic success following an individually-planned path, e.g. candidates wishing to study in Germany can achieve an Abitur-equivalent via the IB Diploma, rather than making our students fit a “one-size-fits-most” approach to education.

For current parents, I am very grateful for the trust you place in us and for the contributions you make to our school community. Your valuable input and your views are always appreciated. For prospective parents and students, I hope that this site will answer most questions you may have about us, but if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The only way for you to truly experience the friendly, warm, caring atmosphere at Main/Taunus International School and the special 21st-century learning and inquiry that occurs in our classrooms at all grade levels is to see it for yourself. I would therefore like to invite you to please go to our Admissions page to schedule an appointment to visit Main/Taunus International School in person.

I look forward to welcoming you at our campus in Friedrichsdorf.

Dr. Dirk Lehmann, Director

P.S.: As is true for many things in life, this web page is a work in progress and will be updated and expanded as we move forward. Please come back soon to see the changes.






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